Casual Cowards 36 – The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 36 – We All Really Hate Carl


In playing Telltale’s adventure game, the Walking Dead, we can only say that, Jesus, we just wanted to kill Larry over and over again.  We know that we had to protect Clementine, build relationships, and keep yourself alive, but all we wanted to do was to kill Larry.  Outside of that, there was some sort of story about zombies, but we were too busy hating Carl from the Walking Dead TV show to notice.  Awww, we’re just kidding; however, we were only able to get through Episodes 1 and 2 as we still have adult jobs and houses falling apart around us.  We really should hire someone to help us take care of our lives, but we keep pumping money into this show and if the Walking Dead is any indication of where this country is going, we’re all going to be living in makeshift fortresses, fending off the undead as they smash wave after wave into our walls.  So, what’s the point?

Outside of taking care of Clementine and surviving the Apocalypse, we were recording on Black Friday and avoiding the stores like the plague.  We were excited to see the new Star Wars Teaser Trailer, and Dirk was excited for the new Jurassic World Trailer, but Chester has lost all faith in Steven Spielberg, and Rian doesn’t care about the Jurassic Park series anymore.  We also talked about our unhealthy addiction to porn, our grandparents and Dirk’s obsession with owning games that he will never play.  We hope that you all choose your responses carefully, because Clementine will remember… So sit back and enjoy Episode 36 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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