Casual Cowards 41.1 – Braid

Pointcast 41.1 – DON’T BREAK CHARACTER!!!

Well, we had intended to do this whole episode in characters of pompous, English snobs, but 2/3 of us couldn’t pull it off.  The other 1/3, Dirk, was waaaaaaaay to hammered to yield his character and it becomes an audio train wreck.  While we were putting together the episode, we decided that the game Braid was pretty much an emo story that Jon Blow was as over protective of and we wanted to go the Masterpiece Theater rout.  Basically, our noses are stuck so far up in the air this week, if it rained, we would drown.  By the end of this Pointcast Rian and Chester hated Dirk, but he goes the distance and makes an ass out of himself for your listening pleasure.

Characters and themes aside, we enjoyed Braid and the cool rewinding time mechanic.  The story was a little too emo for us, but we liked the throwbacks, the tight platforming, and the end game twist.  There were also some great puzzles that had us running to YouTube, but we loved playing a game that makes us think.  There is also a theme of the atomic bomb, but by that point of the episode, we were too drunk to care about Blow’s inspiration.  We wish that we could rewind time and take back all of Dirk’s dumb words for this Pointcast, but we can’t.  We can’t take back the past, and neither can Cher, so sit back on your giant cannon on your war ship and enjoy Pointcast 41.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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