Episode 5 – Fiddledicks

Episode 5 – Fiddledicks

It’s another week, so here’s another episode! Charles is out again, and Marc is back in! This week is pretty heavy on the video game conversation. But first, we kick things off with another round of Good Swill Hunting, aka Bad Beers.

Wells Banana Bread Beer | Wells & Young’s Ltd
-“Like if you blew King Kong.”
Samurai Ale | Great Divide Brewing Company
-“One of the lightest beers I’ve ever had – like drinking carbonated water.”
Sunny Rain | Odell Brewing Company
-“Not as tart as I expected it to be, but still a lot more tart than I want it to be.”

Following that, we discuss the new Shadow of War, which is fucking bad ass. Bro – you can ride dragons! Chester tells us about The Foreigner, Jackie Chan’s new film. The boys discuss spoilers and how much they are or aren’t bothered by them. Marc tells us about the latest Rocket League expansion. He also shares the story of his epic console trade as well as modding the SNES Classic. Chester pre-approves of Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer mode because he’s a Rockstar fanboy. And finally, we tell EA to eat a dick – you can’t abbreviate Eat A Dick without EA.

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