Casual Cowards 21.1 – Fester’s Quest

Pointcast 21.1 – Steel Reserve

For some reason, Dirk decided to get everyone on-board to play the classic game, Festers Quest, and this whole thing is his fault. What can you say about Fester’s Quest? The game that was released 23 years after the Adams Family television show ended, and two years before the first Adams Family movie, so Fester’s Quest had no business being released at the time that it was released. And why was it only about Fester Adams!? Anyway, this game somehow snuck it’s way into the “good” game side of Dirk’s memory, which it had no place being. This game was hard, the enemies were off the wall and in no way consistent with each other, and the powerups made no sense. While the your weapons, the gun and the whip, could be upgraded, they could be downgraded just as quickly if you gobbled up any purple colored downgrades that were randomly dropped by enemies.

If you thought that was all that we would say about this game, you are sorely mistaken, sir. Going back to the enemies, they were of course aliens that Fester was tasked to eliminate and save humanity, or the city. You know what, who cares? You shot frogs, wooden faces that spit flies and maggots, and a bevy of different colored frogs that became increasingly harder to kill as even the most powerful of guns did absolutely dick to them. The bosses were also out of some other, more graphically enhanced game, where the protagonist could probably run, jump, and adequately defend themselves. Oh, and your speed could also be reduced to a snails pace which could only be remedied with the power up, vice grips. We can’t make this stuff up. If you’re looking for something good about the game, we liked the music, other than that, steer clear of this title. It’s Wikipedia page also has the balls to lump this game into the “run and gun” genre even though there is no running, and the gunning could be stopped by hedges. You know what, whatever, just sit back and enjoy Pointcast 21.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming, and remember, it’s Dirk’s fault.

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