Casual Cowards 22 – Metal Gear Solid

Episode 22 – Solid Bat Conner Man Wayne

We’d like to lead off by apologizing to a good friend of the show, Ryan (check him out as a guest in our sixth episode, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past), but we brought up his meltdown in the last Nintendo Olympics… and we had a good laugh about it.  From here on out, we apologize to no one!!!  Anyway, this week we’re headed out to Shadow Moses Island to tag along with Solid Snake as he takes down Liquid Snake and his merry band of goons.  With the jump into the the CD era of games, Konami gave us the first 3D Metal Gear and two out of three Casual Cowards have been hooked ever since.  Along with the jump to 3D, Metal Gear got a fully flushed out cast of voice actors, who elegantly brought the story to life and made us feel like we were playing a movie. There were times that were over-the-top cheesy, but who doesn’t love it when you get a mass slaughter scene juxtaposed to a grown man pissing himself?  There were also multiple instances where Metal Gear broke down the third wall – with the game trash talking your game play style, flat out telling you when a controller needed to be switched to controller port 2, or massaging out that knot in your arm with the vibration function of the Playstation controller.

While Rian never played Metal Gear Solid, we can’t blame him as he can’t see and the game had a color pallet that matched the Apple IIe, he still had plenty to contribute.  Seriously, who makes a game that takes place at night in an Alaskan snow storm?  While the dialogue in the Codec could run a little long, this game had plenty of intense situations to keep you coming back for more.  We are a little bummed that we went a little long on our gaming news and talking about Snake’s mentally challenged brother, Snolid Snake, but when you’re having a good time, you’re having a good time.  *!*, what was that noise!? Find out in the 22nd episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


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