Casual Cowards 22.1 – Aladdin (Mostly for the Genesis)

Pointcast 22.1 – Family Ties: The Video Game

Because you all love to hear us ramble so much, and we recorded our Pointcast a week later than our normal schedule, we decided to record an extended Poincast where we don’t just jump into the game, and give you a little more of our nonsense.  We give you, the EXTENDED POINTCAST *echo**echo**echo*  It also makes it a little easier for you to accept that we’re going to roll through the tie in games for the Disney movie, Aladdin.  Three grown men talking about the greater plot points of one of the Disney cartoon cash grabs… and drinking.  The Genesis version of Aladdin is by far the better version, but Rian had no idea that the Genesis edition existed, so he played the sub par version for the Super Nintendo.  Holy crap, that game was bad, and it hurts to say that because we hold Capcom in high regard but wow… just wow.  Either way, as we only play games casually, none of us beat either editions.  Isn’t that just classic us?

Because we were adding a little more content, you get to hear us discuss the movie Tremors, Family Ties, and Dirk tells the story of how he almost got to have sex with a girl, but he played the Lion King for the SNES instead… again.  In an awesome turn for the show, Chester and Dirk were able to piss Rian off and we discuss how Jesse Ventura will hold a grudge for over a decade, only to bring it up when your really, really drunk.  If you haven’t heard about it, we’re going to be headed out to Texas for the Screwattack Gaming Convention in July, so we look forward to seeing anyone who may or may not have heard of us.  Now sit back and relax as three drunk street rats take you to a whole new world in the extended Poincast 22.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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