Casual Cowards 23 – Halo: Combat Evolved

Episode 23 – No Doctor?

If you are a PC gamer, you hate consoles and Halo was responsible for a good part of it.  Halo: Combat Evolved was the game that launched the original Xbox into the console wars and Microsoft has been a major player ever since.  How awesome was it to grab a buddy and roll through the entire campaign in split screen with all the original content?  The game also brought LAN parties to the masses that did not own PCs devoted to gaming.  And then there was the story.  Bungie not only put together a graphically stunning game with great game play, Halo had a great story that pitted you against not one, not two, but three different enemy factions, and you even get to join up with 343 Guilty Spark for a short time… before he tries to kill you.  Rian didn’t play Halo, but he was throat deep in Dirk’s penis in 2001 and that is according to Chester editing the outline for this episode.

While the Playstation 4 is outselling the Xbox One by a margin that involves math to break down, so we’ll just leave it at Playstation 4: 7 million; Xbox One: 5 million.  We guess that it would be a seven to five ratio, but again, math.  Even though Rian has contributed to the Playstation 4 numbers, he still does not have an actual game for the system.  If he waits long enough, he can scoop up the next Star Wars: Battlefront 3, which we’re still waiting for.  We brought back the random Indiana Jones music, Dirk returns to chastising Rian for releasing all of his bodily functions during the recording, and Chester manages to give a shout out to his father… who doesn’t listen to our show.  If you don’t know who Master Chief’s real name, you will when this episode is done, so sit kick back, relax, and enjoy the 23rd episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


  1. Hey, my name is Ethan. I met Dirk at Fry’s Electronics. Just wanted to say, I love Halo 1. It’s my jam. I did LANs and Tournaments and stuff for this in Alaska. They’re also making Halo 5 now, which will be talked about more at E3, and it looks like they’re remaking all the Halos, 1-4, in HD for the Xbox One.

    1. Ethan, thanks for listening!! If you couldn’t tell by the episode, I LOVE the whole Halo canon. I still have Halo LAN parties with Halo 4 as I can never get enough of being able to scream at the apposing team right next to you. If they are remaking 1-4 and Halo 5 is in the pipes for Microsoft, it may change what next-gen console that I buy. Let us know if there are any other games that you would like to hear us do for an episode, and thanks again for listening!!!!

    2. Ethan! Thanks for listening to the show! I hope you enjoyed it! I am sorry, however, that you had to meet Dirk in real life! Exclamation point! Personally, I had no idea the Halo Rabbit Hole (Halo Hole? Rabbit Holo?) went so deep, or that Dirk had spelunked it’s murky depths so thoroughly.

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