Casual Cowards 23.1 – Limbo

Pointcast 23.1 – Goat Stimulator

We hope that all of you are feeling alright because we are going to be talking about a very dark and depressing game, but it has great platforming, physics and puzzle aspects. Welcome to the world that is Limbo. Are you a little dead kid who is going to be killed a bunch of time, or are you a little kid who is going to die a bunch of times? It does not really matter because this game is going to kill you again, again, again, and again. Even though this game is a black and white game, the game is incredibly impressive, the minimalistic sound effects drew you further in, and the physics and level design kept you coming back for all of the spider death. Oh yeah, this game has a giant spider that has a multitude of ways to kill you. Seriously, along with the giant spider, there are giant bear traps, sharp sticks, deep water, poorly insulated electrical signs, and little kids with blow darts all ready to murder you. There will also be saws… lots… of… saws…

As we are a drinking podcast first, we felt that it was only natural segue to start Limbo by talking about Arizona’s bestiality laws and why Rian cannot have a game that simulates having sex with goats. Doing a podcast off the cuff is also difficult because we get into confusing conversations about how Picasso was a poor representation of the Dutch, mostly because Chester forgot that he meant to bring up Van Gogh. We also add to the uplifting nature of this episode by talking about how Piggy from Lord of the Flys met his doom at the fate of a huge rock. Rian also worked the word sinew into the natural flow of conversation. We promise that everything is going to be alright and you are a beautiful person, so sit back and enjoy Pointcast 23.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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