Casual Cowards 25 – Command and Conquer: Red Alert

Episode 25 – Vincent Timemachine

Good news, everyone!!!  Not only are we ripping off Futurama, we are also at the Phoenix Comicon 2014 so you get our latest episode one day early!  We know that we don’t have many of you chomping at the bit for our latest episodes, but for the special few, here you go.  In our latest outing into the realm of podcasting, we take a trip down into the alternate reality that is Command and Conquer: Red Alert.  We also brought in our good friend, Justin, who will be representing us for the horrible crime that we have yet to commit.   Until then, we get to ramble on about one of the awesomiest real time strategy games to grace the PC and the Playstation 1.  Red Alert not only gave you great game play, it also showcased an incredibly deep technology tree and unit selection, AND there are cut scene that were so awful that ther’re awesome.  As there was no level cap, there was nothing stopping you from flooding your opponent with wave after wave of riflemen, rocket solders, tanks, dogs, jets, planes, helicopters, or even tanks that shoot lightning.  TANKS THAT SHOOT LIGHTNING!!!! There was also a story that changed the course of history after the murdering fuck-head, Hitler, was killed by Einstein.

Red Alert also gave you so many options to craft your strategy as Rian likes to slow roll it and savored destroying his enemies, Justin liked to utterly decimate his opponents as quick as possible, and Dirk likes to just play the game, but it terrible at it.  Chester, however, never played Red Alert and couldn’t figure out how to deploy the truck to start building his base.  We would also like to introduce the world to our newest abomination, Vincent Timemachine.  We hope you’ve built enough power plants because here comes the 25th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming!

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