Casual Cowards 25.1 – Contra

Chester Never Owned Contra!?

Up until Contra hit, your NES was basically just a pile of metal and plastic with a red light.  Up until Contra hit, you only knew co-op gaming in titles such as Bubble Bobble which was lacking in the awesome weapon department.  While Contra was a little light on story, it more than made up for it in shooting, explosions, and down right manly men blasting nips and crushing aliens.  Even outside of the actual game play, it created a culture where you would catch a beat down in real life if you stole the second Spread and left your partner stuck with rapid.  Who doesn’t have a story about an argument or fight that was caused from someone stealing lives, right?  You can even get left behind on the Waterfall level if your partner decides to be a dick.  Contra could quickly go from being a co-op shooter to a life lesson of how two wrongs don’t make a right because you’re both dead now and there are no more lives to steal.

While the ultimate goal of the game was to make it through the game, you could be a troll and try to thwart the progress of the other player, or you could be a super team mate and actually work together.  While working together from the start is your best bet, because this game was a one-hit kill, we admit that we have never made it through the game without using the Konami Code to get 30 lives.  Also, if you have been paying attention, we just went a long way for that joke…  We did bring our good friend, Justin, back into the studio to help us out, and we’re going to go ahead and apologize to Rian’s mom right now to get it out of the way.  We hope you like the playing as Bill, because we are always Lance, so sit back and enjoy Pointcast 25.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.  Seriously, DON”T STEAL OUR SPREAD!!!


  1. Damn, I don’t know why I can’t remember contra!?! There was a game I used to play on Nintendo as a kid that I was obsessed with though that was this dumb caterpillar thatwent around eating things and getting longer and longer and you had to dodge obstacles and enemies lol, it was stupid but addicting. I’ve never been able to find it again *sad face*tears* . Good show, yeah i have a tendency of jumping from episode to episode in no particular.

  2. Hey guys,

    Sunday at Dave and Buster’s was awesome. Of course I decided to start listening to your podcast with this episode because it’s Contra and Contra is amazing. Also, spreader is totally better than laser. And that is not an opinion, but a fact.


  3. Othello, other than the game ‘Snake Rattle N Roll’ (which is freakin awesome), I can’t find anything resembling your description.

    Reilly, we had a great time watching Horse Porn with you! Hope you’re enjoying the show!

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