Casual Cowards 24.1- Evolution of the Controller

Pointcast 24.1 – Jesus, Dirk is Druk…

If anyone wants to go back to our 12th episode on Uncharted 2, Chester and Rian showed up unprepared for the episode for one of Dirk’s favorite games.  He sat on it, dwelled on it, and waited until he could find something that one of them loved, and then got horribly drunk all over it.  Seriously, he searched for a dick joke in everything and eventually degraded into Disney songs.  Oh, we also talk about the evolution of the controller as we know it.  Rian went way back and made an extremely thorough outline starting in the 70s and carried it up into the present.  We ask that you white knuckle-it through the first 20 minutes and all of the absolute nonsense because we really get into some good conversation about the controllers that we’ve used throughout our gaming “careers.”  Oh, and are you in for a treat, we took our Pointcast (a podcast short and to the point, get it) and extended it you one hour and six minutes!

We discovered that we really take the modern controller for granted as there have been a lot of nonsense peripherals for gaming systems in the past.  There have also been some growing pains in the relatively short time span between the regular NES, the Nintendo 64, and the Wii, but good God damn if there is not a feature of one of their controllers in some part of our modern controllers today.  The controller market has been so diverse, there have even been some excellent third party controllers that we have preferred over the stock controllers that were shipped with the systems.  On that note, we thank you Logitech.  This was one of our more unique episodes, so we thank you in advanced for sticking around for the  end.  We hope you brought your appetite for Disney movies and poorly timed dick jokes because it’s coming at you whether you like it or not because this is Pointcast 24.1 of the Casual Cowards of gaming.

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