Casual Cowards 36.1 – Game Soundtracks


  1. Ok so here’s my top 5 list.

    5 onto bushlands-cave story

    I really loved this game and it’s soundtrack and it was really hard for me to pick just one but I felt this one was the best example of what cave story was to me. A fun filled adventure with lot to look forward to.

    4 cider time-Dustforce

    I’ve never played Dustforce but I stumbled onto its soundtrack and I love listing to in now an again.

    3 Green Greens- Kirby’s Dreamland

    This one is one of those iconic songs that makes me think back to sitting under a coffee table lamp’s light playing my original gameboy. It’s always a guy to hear remixed versions of this song in other kirby games.

    2 Cashmere Cannonball-No More Heroes

    No More Heroes is one of those games that not a lot of people have herd about and few have played. It’s one of those games that gets a cult following and a good reason why. It’s just plan and simple fun. You’re an anime video game nerd with a beam katana who decides to take on the top 10 assassins of the U.A.A. I haven’t even talk about the soundtrack yet. Each song is super catchy and fits well with each area you go to.

    1 Eternal Return-Dragon’s Dogma

    Where to even begin with this game. Like No More Heroes it’s one of those games not many people know about. But I hold this game with a great admiration. It’s an action open world RPG with tough enemies like darksouls, giant epic boss fights like shadow of the colossus, and fast pace action like devil may cry. it’s soundtrack is amazing and gets my adrenaline going even more so when the music changes when you turn the tide of the boss fight and make the monsters come crashing down. It a amazing soundtrack because the more i listen to it the more i want to play more of it.

    1. Corey, your #1 and #2 picks sound pretty awesome. I’m thinking we might have to work those games into our schedule this year. Cave story is already on the docket, though I can’t say exactly when (because our schedule is constantly “evolving”), and while I will admit to some curiosity about Dustforce, I only have room for one heroic janitor in my heart – Roger Wilco of the Space Quest series. I’m really really hoping that the Sierra revival will bring him back for newer generations (and myself) to enjoy.

      1. If you guys do decided to play those I highly recommend getting the wii version of No More heroes. Because that’s how the game was meant to be played. For Dragon’s Dogma get Dark Arisen it’s the deluxe edition with all the dlc stuff tweaks to the game and bitter black isle a super dungeon with extremely rare weapons and tough monsters around every corner. If you can get it for the 360 so we can hire each others pawns. If you want to get a taste of the game they do have a demo for it too.

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