Casual Cowards 37 – Our Wishlist Episode

Episode 37 – Congrats, Tyler!! Stay Safe for the Next Eight Years.


We want soooooo much more than our two front teeth for Christmas.  We have some wishes, some grievances, and some just outright nonsense that we want for Christmas, but you know that we always start bitching about Ubisoft and the Assassin’s Creed  series.  Basically, we are going to give you all a collective wishlist from the Casual Cowards.  We’re sorry, but Ubisoft needs to stop wrecking that awesome series.  Dirk also wants time to play more games, and Chester wants to bring his PC into the modern age with a brand new video card.  We won’t spoil any of our other nonsense, so you’ll just have to listen to find out what our first world, adult men asses want for Christmas.

Aside from all of our dumb wishes that won’t come true (because Santa doesn’t exist) we are happy that we can take our favorite old school first person shooter out for a drink as Doom turns 21!!!  John Romero, who was one of the brain children behind Doom, later went on Daikatana, which everyone played… right?  Oh, and for some reason we started to talk about Scott Stapp’s meltdown, which Rian thought would be breaking news that we even downloaded  a soundbite for.  We also revisit the Star Wars VII movie trailer as there was an excellent spoof of the George Lucas remakes, but Rian never pays attention to Dirk’s texts, so we only briefly touched on it.  …and just like that, I just watched an hour of trailers that are coming out at 2015.  Meh, no one ever reads these, so I’m just going to call it at that, so sit back and enjoy the 37th episode of the Casual Cowards of gaming.

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